Vladivostok  ♦  The Best of the East and West  ♦

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Vladivostokcapital and the largest city of Primorsky Province, Russia
Date of foundation: July, 2, 1860
Population: 850000 people
Area: over 600 sq.km
Location: southern extremity of Muravyov-Amursky Peninsula, which is about 30 km long and 12 km wide
Climate: sea monsoon climate
Average annual temperature: +5 C; January: -14 C, August: +24 C
Annual precipitation rate: 765 mm
Railroad distance to Moscow: 9288 km
Sister Cities:
  • San-Diego, Tacoma, Juneau (USA);
  • Niigata, Akita, Hakodate (Japan);
  • Busan (Republic of Korea);
  • Dalian (China)

Vladivostok's International Activity

From its early years, the city of Vladivostok has been actively engaged in international trade and has promoted scientific, cultural, sports and other exchanges. It is the largest city in Russia's Far East and a leader in international relations.

Vladivostok combines "The Best of the East and West". Highlighting the West, Vladivostok is rightly considered to be a European city in Asia. This can be seen in its unique architecture and felt in every detail of its cityscape. Highlighting the East, Vladivostok is Russia's leading port city on the Pacific Rim and maintains strong ties with its Asian counterparts as well as cities around the world.

Since its founding over 150 years ago, the port has played a major part in Vladivostok's history. The only exception to this was during World War II when the city was closed to access by foreigners and remained so for 50 years. On September 20, 1991, the President of R.S.F.S.R. (Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic) signed decree No.123 cancelling the secrecy restrictions and opening the port to foreign visits. This act promoted the city's communication with the overseas partners and boosted the role of Vladivostok in Russia's deepening economic ties with Pacific Rim countries.

Today thousands of international tourists visit Vladivostok. People of various nations - Russians, Japanese, Chinese, Koreans and many others - live and work in the city.

Vladivostok boasts a well-developed international relations network which includes Sister City and Friendly City agreements with more than 30 municipalities around the world. Vladivostok's Sister Cities are San Diego, Juneau, Tacoma (USA); Niigata, Akita, Hakodate (Japan); Busan (Republic of Korea); Dalian (China); Manta (Ecuador); Wonsan (Democratic People's Republic of Korea); Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia); Vladikavkaz (Russia); Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture (China). Vladivostok's Friendly Cities include Shanghai, Yantai, Changchun (China); Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Donghae (Republic of Korea), Sakaiminato (Japan).

With the Russian Government's program, "Development of Vladivostok as a Center for International Cooperation in the Asia Pacific Region", special importance is being placed on growth of Vladivostok's sister city relations. The city has an enormous potential for this:

The city of Vladivostok is also a member of several major international organizations. Among these are:

  • Tourism Promotion Organization for Asia Pacific Cities (TPO). TPO is an international tourism organization for the networking of inter-city cooperation and the development of the tourism industry in the Asia Pacific region. Its members include 63 Asia Pacific cities from 12 countries.
  • Asian Pacific City Summit (APCS). APCS is a forum for city leaders from the Asia Pacific region. The purpose of the Summit is to promote friendship and cooperation thus contributing to the further development of the region. By building a network of Asia Pacific cities, Summit members work on finding solutions to urban issues.
  • Association of Mayors from Siberia, Far East Russia and the Western Coast of Japan. The main goals of the Association are to promote sports, cultural, youth and other exchanges among Russian and Japanese cities, strengthen business and tourism cooperation, and collaborate in the sphere of environmental protection.
  • Conference of Mayors of the Key Cities in the Japan Sea Rim. This organization focuses on the promotion of business, cultural and tourism exchanges among its member cities as well as sharing ideas and experiences on urban issues.

Today, Vladivostok is a busy and dynamic city bustling with activity. In the fall of 2012, Vladivostok will host the Summit of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum. This will be first APEC Summit to be hosted in Russia.

In preparation for this event, Vladivostok's infrastructure is being renovated and improved. The whole city has turned into a veritable construction site where the most ambitious development projects are being executed. Two giant cable-stayed bridges are being built, one over Golden Horn Bay in the center of the city, and the other from the mainland to Russky Island where the Summit will be held. In addition, hotels and a new campus for Far Eastern Federal University are being built on Russky Island as well as a conference center, medical center, performing arts center and entertainment facilities. Highways are being upgraded; the airport and other landmarks are being renovated to become new symbols of Vladivostok.